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Can you please guide utilizing Validation Data along with an image data store?

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I'm using a data store of 50 k images of Breast Cancer.
I want to verify if my training learning is susceptible to overfitting.
But I don't understand, How to use validation data.
This my script without validation data:

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Amanjit Dulai
Amanjit Dulai el 5 de Jun. de 2023
You can specify validation data in the training options with the ValidationData option. Below I've used your test data set, but you probably might want to create a separate validation set from your original data:
opts = trainingOptions("sgdm", ...
"InitialLearnRate", 0.0001, ...
"MaxEpoch", 10, ...
"Plots", "training-progress", ...
"ValidationData", resizeBreastCancerTest);
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Matthieu el 9 de Jun. de 2023
Thanks for your assistance.
I understand your point of view.
I had another question I tried my script.
However, my training progress is not efficient. I would like to know if I'm in a case of overfitting. Could you please give me some advice in order to improve the results?
Amanjit Dulai
Amanjit Dulai el 12 de Jun. de 2023
There are a few things you could try.
  • The initial learning rate of 0.0001 is quite low. You could try increasing it.
  • Alternatively, you could try using the ADAM algorithm for training, which tends to be less sensitive to hyperparameters. You can do this by changing "sgdm" in the call to trainingOptions to "adam".
  • You could train for more epochs. 10 epochs is a fairly low number.

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