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How to get steering angle, acceleration, and deceleration command in MATLAB Automated Driving Toolbox

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Hello everyone,
I am pretty new to MATLAB and Simulink, so the question I am about to ask may seem trivial to most, but it is giving me some trouble.
I created a Driving Scenario using Driving Scenario Designer app, and I want to compute real time the acceleration and deceleration command, along with the steering angle. These values seem to be easily found using longitudinal and lateral stanley controller respectively. I tried to look at Vehicle Path Tracking Using Stanley Controller, but I am struggling at getting such values and work with them.
How can I do it? Is there anyone familiar with these tools that could help me? Thanks a lot
Luca Forneris
Genoa, Italy

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Muskan el 16 de Jun. de 2023
Hi Luca,
You can refer to the folowing documentations to compute steering angle for path following by using Stanley method and control vehicle velocity.

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