How to read data from Keithley Voltmeter and HP Signal Analyzer using VISA Interface

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I established the objects through the VISA innterface, but after trying to write the data from it I am recieving the error
"read(hpfreqanalyzer, 6)
Adaptor command 'setResourceAttribute' failed with status code: -480."
I checked the connection by trying to re establish the object and am now recieving the error
>> currentmeter = visadev("GPIB0::3::INSTR")
Resource string is invalid or resource was not found.
See related documentation for troubleshooting steps.
even though the object is in my window on the right hand side.

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Sachin el 7 de Ag. de 2023
Hi Andrew,
I understand that you want to read data from Keithley Voltmeter and HP Signal Analyzer using VISA interface.
Following workarounds might be helpful to you:
  1. First check the available VISA resources by following Command:
resourceList = visadevlist
2. Check and verify the VISA resources address (e.g., GPIB, USB, LAN). Double check the address and ensure it matches the physical connection of your instrument. Ensure that you have installed correct VISA driver for instrument.
3. Verify the instrument compatibility with VISA interface. Some older instruments may not be fully compatible with newer VISA drivers.
Here are some references that you can follow:


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