Ray Tracing raypl and diffraction losses

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Stavros Tsimpoukis
Stavros Tsimpoukis el 13 de Jun. de 2023
Comentada: Stavros Tsimpoukis el 19 de Jun. de 2023
From what I understand from the raypl function of the ray tracing model in matlab ( https://www.mathworks.com/help/antenna/ref/raypl.html ) it is doable to edit the "type" of reflection by the specification of the material on any ray interaction. I'd like to ask whether it is also doable to do the same thing by including the diffractions( the function says no ). Is there any other function to include such configuration about diffraction losses.
My main goal is to acquire a ray which will have a customized propagation loss ( free space losses, different material reflection loss, diffraction losses).

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Pratheek el 19 de Jun. de 2023
Hi Stavros,
Using the function raytrace you can edit the type of reflection by selecting surface material, using the "SurfaceMaterial" parameter, and you can select the maximum number of diffractions, reflections, etc. Use this example to get a better idea on how to use this function.
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Stavros Tsimpoukis
Stavros Tsimpoukis el 19 de Jun. de 2023
Thanks for the answer, but from what I understand choosing a surface material considers every object on the map being of that material. Is it possible to have multiple material objects on a cartesian map on the ray tracer ?

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