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How do I make a code for projectile motion having initial velocity and angle as an output and final distance as an input

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input Max distance
ouput optimum angle and initial velocity

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Lakshya el 18 de Jun. de 2023
If the input is final distance and according to you it is the Max distance (assuming you are talking about max distance that can be covered ) then we can directly say that the projection angle is 45 degrees ( using basic physics ) and from there we can easily calculate the intial velocity using the below code
function [initial_velocity, launch_angle] = projectileMotion(max_distance)
gravity = 9.81;
initial_height = 0; % Assume the projectile starts from the ground level
launch_angle = 45;
% Convert launch angle to radians
launch_angle_rad = deg2rad(launch_angle);
% Calculate the initial velocity required to reach the max distance
initial_velocity = sqrt((max_distance * gravity) / sin(2 * launch_angle_rad));
Hope this helps


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