Unable to use Monitor and Tune in Simulink for TI F280039C Launchpad (C2000)

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I had to change the configuration file manually in CCS in order to get the device to be flashed after asking TI for help. TI expert doesn't know why the monitor and tune is not working, and sent me this chart to confirm with MathWorks export if F280039C is actually not supported in the F28003x family.
I wonder if this is something that is caused by not updated to the most recent data. Or if the monitor and tune can be fixed.
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Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg el 27 de Jun. de 2023
I also bought the F280039C Launchpad, and sadly didn't manage to run Simulink Code on it at all, even with changing the configuration file. It would be nice if you could tell me your CCS Version and maybe send the hardware configuration file.
But regarding your problem: I then bought the Piccolo F280049C Launchpad (with official support) and "Monitor & Tune" also did not work with default settings. I had to change the COM-Port:
Model Settings > Hardware Implementation > Target hardware resources > External mode > Serial port (...)
In Device-Manager check for the COM-Port with "User UART". For me by default the other COM-Port (Auxiliary Data Port) was selected. After the change "Monitor & Tune" worked as expected. Maybe this can help you too
R SRIRANJANI RAMAKRISHNAN el 6 de Abr. de 2024 a las 3:58
Editada: R SRIRANJANI RAMAKRISHNAN el 6 de Abr. de 2024 a las 3:58
I also had the same error. After Nathan Hardenberg suggestion, I changed com port with User UART port no. Now it is working fine. Thank you Nathan Hardenberg.

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Pratheek el 18 de Ag. de 2023
Hi Yun,
Currently, the TI F280039C Launchpad is not supported by Simulink in any released versions of MATLAB., only 28003x control cards are supported and the only work around for this is to get the ccxml file from CCS and manually load it into simulink, and you are following the same.





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