ARXML files generated for an adaptive autosar software component while using AUTOSAR BLOCKSET is not SOMEIP compliant.

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I'm trying to model a software component for adaptive autosar platform and generate code for that, here is my model
When I try to generate code for this the servicemanifest.arxml file specifies the deployment type as DDS, however I want it to be of type someip
How do I resolve this issue, I'm using the adaptive_autosar.tlc file and operating on MATLAB version R2022b.

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Abhijeet el 18 de Ag. de 2023
Hello Amogh,
Our product does not support the import of Manifest ‘ARXML’ files (SOME/IP or DDS). You are finding ‘DDS’ information in the exported ‘ARXML’ files because for ‘ARXML’ exports, only DDS binding is supported, and the ‘SOME/IP’ information is discarded.





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