Compare two strings from unequal length cell array and assign value

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I have a cell array named shortStranglePositions of which I am creating a unique list of strings based on the 6th column of shortStranglePositions, named callSymList. The reason why I am creating a unique list of strings (callSymList) is I have to get market data for each row in shortStranglePositions, and that takes time, and there is no need to ask for the data multiple times.
Where I am stuck is this:
I would like to logically assign the values in the 2nd column of callSymList to the 8th column in shortStranglePositions, based on a string match in the 6th column of shortStranglePositions to the 1st column of callSymList. For example, shortStranglePositions{1,8} should equal 0.6000.
I have tried multiple string compare approaches, but since the cell lengths are unequal, I am struggling to find a solution. Is there a way to do this without looping through each row of shortStranglePositions? If so, how? If not, what is the most efficient way to complete this task?
I should also mention that it will be very common for there to be multiple duplicate strings in the 6th row of shortStranglePositions.
I have included both cell arrays in the attached EXAMPLE.mat

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Voss el 12 de Jul. de 2023
[~,idx] = ismember(shortStranglePositions(:,6),callSymList(:,1));
shortStranglePositions(:,8) = callSymList(idx,2)
shortStranglePositions = 4×8 cell array
{'08:08:20'} {[4500]} {[4465]} {[3.1000]} {[5.5500]} {'SPXW 230712C045…'} {'SPXW 230712P044…'} {[0.6000]} {'08:33:54'} {[4495]} {[4465]} {[3.4500]} {[6.0500]} {'SPXW 230712C044…'} {'SPXW 230712P044…'} {[0.6000]} {'09:15:53'} {[4485]} {[4450]} {[3.0500]} {[3.0500]} {'SPXW 230712C044…'} {'SPXW 230712P044…'} {[1.4000]} {'09:25:02'} {[4485]} {[4450]} {[ 3]} {[3.0500]} {'SPXW 230712C044…'} {'SPXW 230712P044…'} {[1.4000]}

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