how to set SOC Estimator (Adaptive Kalman Filter) block.

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xinyu Wang
xinyu Wang el 31 de Jul. de 2023
Respondida: Sabin el 12 de Oct. de 2023
i want to use the BMS-Estimator,I have my own battery charge and discharge data, but there is no polarization internal resistance and rc time constant, how can I use the SOC Estimator (Adaptive Kalman Filter) module, do I have to determine my own battery detailed parameters, is there a more convenient way for me to use these modules? thanks so much!
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xinyu Wang
xinyu Wang el 31 de Jul. de 2023
by the way ,my battery is LiFePo4,but default setting in system model whitch the No-load voltage is 3.5-4.2.
if i change these ,seems i also need to change the First polarization resistance and First time constant.
how should i do?

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Sabin el 12 de Oct. de 2023
The SOC Estimator (Kalman Filter) is assuming an equivalent battery model with charge dynamics. The polarization voltage is an internal state in the estimator. If the battery model is very simple and do not include charge dynamics may be better to use the SOC Estimator (Coulomb Counting) instead which will be faster. Alternatively, you may be able to design your own Kalman Filter using the Control Systems Toolbox. I hope this helps.





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