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Where is data saved when the following message shows up: Out of memory. Program data exceed 2 GB and cannot be saved using the default MAT-file

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I ran a sobol analysis through simbiology on a large number of samples, and got the following message:
Severity Message
error Out of memory.
warning Program data exceed 2 GB and cannot be saved using the default MAT-file version. Data have been saved using MAT-file version 7.3.
Does this mean the data generated is saved somewhere/can i still access it (if so, how? I don't see it on Simbiology workspace)? Or is it lost?

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Priya Moorthy
Priya Moorthy el 5 de Sept. de 2023
This message usually indicates that program data were saved, but in MAT-file version 7.3 instead of the default version (usually 7). The data should show up as program results in the SimBiology Model Analyzer browser just like any other data. If not, could you share more details with us:
1) What version of MATLAB are you using, and on what platform?
2) Did you get any additional error or warning messages?
3) What are your settings for the Sobol analysis? If you can share your project with us, that would be helpful.
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Rebeca Hannah Oliveira
Rebeca Hannah Oliveira el 8 de Sept. de 2023
Hi Priya,
Thank you for your help. I didn't get any other errors, but I'll share the project with you if this issue happens again.
Thank you!

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