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While using the following table format to extract features in diagonosti​cfeaturede​signer toolbox error"index in position 2 exceeds array bounds" error is generated

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The error "index in position 2 exceeds array bounds" is generated.
The diagonostic featuredesigner also does not extract all the signals in the column.
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dpb el 10 de Sept. de 2023
Well, there are only two other perturbations to try--
  1. two timetable columns w/ no fault variable, and
  2. two timetable columns w/ a fault variable.
Then you will know the limits of what the app thinks it must have...I didn't even know it existed ere now so I don't have a klew; all I can tell you is to try it out and see and read all the doc carefully. It's possible the designers didn't think a one-variable model was something anybody would try to use it for....I really don't know what it does, perhaps the one-variable model would reduce to some form of MLE estimation that could be done w/ linear estimation tools???

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Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson el 27 de Nov. de 2023
Hi Rachita,
The issue is not your data format (table of timetables), which should work with the Diagnostic Feature Designer app. The issue is that the app expects the timetables in the same dataset to have the same Variable Names. In your dataset, each timetable has a different Variable Name -- VarName2, VarName3, VarName4, etc.
Try renaming all of the variables to the same name using the code below.
for i = 1:size(T,1){i,1}.Properties.VariableNames(1) = "VarName";


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