How can I bulid Matlab/Simulink Model for Input Ripple Current Analysis

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Naphat Ritkla
Naphat Ritkla el 11 de Sept. de 2023
Respondida: Pratheek el 20 de Sept. de 2023
Hello I'm stater please give me a reason.Hello, is anyone there? I need help. Does anyone know how to model a graph like this? I need information about Interleaved Buck Converter.

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Pratheek el 20 de Sept. de 2023
Hello Naphat,
I understand you want to build a model for Input ripple current analysis and want to know about interleaved buck converter.
NOTE: This package is not supported and maintained by MathWorks.
By any chance if you just want to plot that graph alone, you can leverage the help of plot function and can plot the graph, I'm attaching a sample code for the same:
% Angle values
theta = linspace(0, pi, 100);
% Calculate X and Y coordinates of the semicircle
radius1 = 0.5;
radius2 = 0.25;
x = radius1 * cos(theta) + radius1; % adding raduis to shift the center towards right on X-axis.
y = radius1 * sin(theta);
x1 = radius2 * cos(theta) + radius2;
y1 = radius2 * sin(theta);
x2 = radius2 * cos(theta) + radius1 + radius2;
y2 = radius2 * sin(theta);
% Plot the semicircle
plot(x, y);
hold on;
plot(x1, y1);
xlim([0, 1]); % Set x-axis limits
axis equal; % Set equal aspect ratio
xlabel('Duty Cycle');
ylabel('Normalized C in RMS Current');
grid on;
Continue the same for the other semicircles.
Hope this helps you!


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