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Error using sdo.SimulationTest/sim

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Luc MARECHAL el 14 de Sept. de 2023
Respondida: Daniel Pereira el 27 de Mayo de 2024
Hello everyone, i'm having an issue with an application, using AppDesigner, but after deployment only.
In the log file, I can find:
Error using sdo.SimulationTest/sim
Unrecognized function or variable 'private_sl_CPUInfo'.
sim() is called in a sdo.optimize loop in a annonymous function and I don't understand at all what could cause the issue, and the application is running fine before deployement (in the AppDesigner).
Does anybody already had this issue or knows something about it?
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Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira el 22 de Mayo de 2024
Editada: Daniel Pereira el 22 de Mayo de 2024
Same issue here.
@Luc MARECHAL, don't know if you solved the issue and how. It would be very useful to learn from you.
I have been in a meeting this afternoon (22-May-2024) with the support team to see how we could deploy a simulink app (I was used to the rtwbuild with Simulink coder).
After reaching the deployed tool and seeing the exact same error, their answer was that I should use the mingw compiler, instead of the default lcc for deployment.
After installing the mingw compiler, the error still exist.
Find attached below the image with the error message box (only appears after compiling, as it happened to Luc) and the image with the line of code that is throwing the error.
I have written again to support. In case we reach a solution, I will post it in the answers.

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Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira el 27 de Mayo de 2024
I solved it for my model, running on a virtual Machine with Win10Pro 22H2.
I have to point out that I do not know what exact change was the key taht solved the issue, though I have my preference for the Hardware Implementation tab.
In Simulink Model settings:
Under Hardware implementation:
> Hardware board: None.
> Device vendor: Custom Processor
> char 8 / short 16 / int 32 / long 32 / long long 64 (disabled) / float 32 / double 64 / native 32 / pointer 32 / size_t 32 / ptrdiff_t 32
> Largest atomic size: integer: char / flating-point: none
> Byte ordering: Unspecified / Signed integer division rounds to: Undefined
> CHECK Shift right on a signed integer as aritmethic shift / UNCHECK Support long long
> Under Advanced parameters:
>> UNCHECK Test hardware is the same as production hardware
>> Device Vendor: Custom processor / Device Type: Matlab host computer
Under Solver:
> ACTIVATE/CHECK Treat each discrete rate as a separate task
Under Model referencing:
> ACTIVATE/CHECK Enable strict scheduling checks for referenced models
> DEACTIVATE/UNCHECK Propagate all signals labels out of the model
Under Diagnostics (main tab):
> Changed State name clash to warning
Under Math & Data types:
> Changed Application life span (under advanced parameters) to inf (previously set to auto)


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