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I want Seperate Matrices for different values of n . (Im new to Matlab)

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suppose I have a matrix
A=[1+n 3+n; 2 6+n];
and n=1:6;
how to get 6 different matrices A1 A2 A3....A6??.
I tried A(n)=[1+n 3+n; 2 6+n]; but it is giving error.. Pls help Thanx.

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Guillaume el 13 de Abr. de 2015
Editada: Guillaume el 13 de Abr. de 2015
Use a cell array (or a 3d matrix) to store your different matrices. Use curly braces instead of round braces to index cell arrays. That is:
for i = 1:6
A{i} = [1+i 3+i; 2 6+i];
However, I would not use i as a variable name, as it is also the symbol for the imaginary unit. You're really asking for trouble here, because the matrix expression will work even if you don't define i, but will give you a completely different result. Witness:
clear i %i is not defined
A = [1+i 3+i; 2 6+i] %and the expression now refers to the imaginary unit

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James Tursa
James Tursa el 13 de Abr. de 2015
Editada: James Tursa el 13 de Abr. de 2015


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