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what happens behind "/"

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warnerchang el 20 de Dic. de 2023
Editada: Torsten el 20 de Dic. de 2023
Ans = 0.8148
what happens behind this operation?
Is there any algorithm?

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Torsten el 20 de Dic. de 2023
Editada: Torsten el 20 de Dic. de 2023
If x = [2 3 4 5 6] and y = [3 4 5 6 7], then x/y determines the number "a" for which the error when approximating x by a*y is minimal.
The solution to this optimization problem is
x = 2:6;
y = 3:7;
a = sum(x.*y)/sum(y.^2)
a = 0.8148
a = x/y
a = 0.8148

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 20 de Dic. de 2023
help /
/ Right matrix divide. B/A is the matrix division of A into B, which is roughly the same as B*INV(A) , except it is computed in a different way. More precisely, B/A = (A'\B')'. See MLDIVIDE for details. C = MRDIVIDE(B,A) is called for the syntax 'B / A' when B or A is an object. See MATLAB Operators and Special Characters for more details. See also MLDIVIDE, RDIVIDE, LDIVIDE, PAGEMRDIVIDE. Documentation for mrdivide doc mrdivide Other uses of mrdivide codistributed/mrdivide laurpoly/mrdivide distributed/mrdivide se2/mrdivide dlarray/mrdivide StaticModel/mrdivide duration/mrdivide symbolic/mrdivide DynamicSystem/mrdivide tall/mrdivide timeseries/mrdivide gpuArray/mrdivide tsdata.datametadata/mrdivide LagOp/mrdivide


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