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How to create user-defined unit in SimBiology?

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日曜 el 23 de En. de 2024
Comentada: 日曜 el 24 de En. de 2024
When I planned to run a SimBiology case model, SimBiology told me that the "cell" unit does not exist. I tried to use sbiounit to define the user-created unit, but an error occured when running the code. How can I make the Model Builder recognize this unit? Is there any way to do it directly in the SimBiology interface (e.g., Unit manager)?

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 24 de En. de 2024
I suspect you receive an error when executing the sbioaddtolibrary command because the sbiounit call does not include any unit composition. Is it correct?
When defining a new unit, you will need to define its composition using other existing units. For example 1 cell=1 item.
Executing this code in MATLAB's command window will remove the error seen in Model Builder:
unitObject = sbiounit('cell','item',1);
Alternatively, you can manage custom units in the Libraries panel accessible from the Model Builder App:
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