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Cannot install libSBML in MATLAB

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Elisa el 24 de En. de 2024
Comentada: Elisa el 25 de En. de 2024
I am having troubles installing libSBML, which I need to use GenSSI for parameter identifiability in Simbiology. I am following the instructions in this documentation, but I cannot use SBML in either case: when I add 'manually' the folder to the path and try to run the command `TranslateSBML('test.xml')`, the following error pops up:
Execution of script TranslateSBML as a function is not supported:
And if I try to run installSBML.m, the following error occurs:
Error using installSBML
Executables were not found.Please make sure they are in the same directory as the installSBML and other scripts.
I opened an issue on github, but haven't received an answer yet.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 24 de En. de 2024
Hi @Elisa,
did you download the binaries or just the src files?
You need to download the archive (or tar.gz) to get the associated mex files.
Please note that this will allow GenSSI to support SBML files. But GenSSI runs independently of SimBiology.
Best regards,
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Elisa el 25 de En. de 2024
Thank you, since there was a folder "bindings/MATLAB" I figured I would not need to download also that archive, but apparently in the cloned github version there weren't the executables! I was able to add libSBML to the path and make it work.

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