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Simbiology program not working

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Yeonsoo el 18 de Feb. de 2024
Respondida: Jeremy Huard el 19 de Feb. de 2024
I am currently studyding pharmacy and trying to build del Castillo-Kats model through simbology.
I have downloaded matlab through university licsence and builded the model. Have downloaded amazon java script program for free and launched the program, followed all the appropriate steps.
After building the model, I have ran the simulation (which worked very well). I wanted to 'Run scan' the model for different agonist values and it kept on showing error sign 'Unable to resolve the name 'stats.internal.SamplingOptions'.'.
I have tried same step through online simbiology version - it was successful. However, I cannot load the same model again through online (simbiology online does not open properly, keeps on loading).
I really need this program running on my computer for my dessertation. Pleaes help me with this issue; Thank you so much

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 19 de Feb. de 2024
I don't know what you mean when you say you downloaded 'amazon java script program'.
But I assume you installed MATLAB on your laptop and tried to run the scan locally on your machine. From the error message you got it seems that the 'Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox' is not installed. However, it is required by SimBiology.
Since you seem to have access to a University license, I recommend you to install MATLAB, SimBiology, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, Global Optimization Toolbox and Parallel Computing Toolbox.
Please note that SimBiology is not officially supported on MATLAB Online as of today.

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