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How to set a Condition of limitation between two Species ?

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el 26 de Feb. de 2024
Respondida: Jeremy Huard el 26 de Feb. de 2024
I wish to add condition of limitation that " O* + O·LI*2 = O_t " (the amount of Operators remains a constant) using ALGEBRAIC RULES, but it reports an error: " Model is overdetermined by the following algebraic rule: '[O*]+[O-LI*2]- O_t'.At least one species, parameter, or compartment in this rule must be nonconstant and not defined by a reaction rate, rate rule, or repeated assignment rule. "
So, I want to replace " [O·LI*2] " to " ( O_t - [O*] ) " in all reactions that involve " [O·LI*2] " , but failed.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 26 de Feb. de 2024
Hi @丁,
it is recommended to use repeated assignments over algebraic rules whenever a closed-form solution can be implemented. This is your case where [O·LI*2] = O_t - [O*].
Now, since the concentration of [O·LI*2] is fully determined by this equation, the ODE generated by the system of reactions is not needed. To tell SimBiology that reactions do not affect [O·LI*2], you can set the property BoundaryCondition to true in the Property Editor of this species.
I hope this helps.

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