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Enhancing Embolic Signal Visualization in Transcranial Doppler Graphs

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Hi there.
I have a transcranial Doppler signal, and I need to detect the embolic signals. The graph I'm obtaining in cm/s is this one:
But I need to enhance the visualization of this. My signal has a gain of 31dB, but this software allows improving the visualization of embolic signals by adjusting the dB. Here are two examples with 6dB and -2dB (the time intervals between the two images are different). Is the gain difference enough to provide the differences between the images? How can I achieve an image like these from the software?
Thank you.

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William Rose
William Rose el 1 de Mzo. de 2024
Please upload data files that go with the two screenshot images which show possible emboli.
Adjust the color scale range with clim(). This will take some experimentation. Make a custom color map. I demonstrated a way to do this in one of my comments in response to your earlier question. You can also make a custom colormap with the colormap editor.
Are you using a Sonara or Sonara/tek system? Or Dolphin system? The reason I am asking is that perhaps the device manual will allow a better understanding of the options, including the dB setting. On Sonara trans-cranial Doppler systems, the dB setting is only for acquiring data, and is not adjustable during playback or display. The Dolphin TCD uses a prorietary alorithm to detect and display high intensity transient signals (HITS), i.e. to detect and display embolic signals. It may not be feasible to reverse-engineer their prorietary algorithm.
FYI, you never accepted an answer to your previous question.
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Patrícia el 15 de Mzo. de 2024
@William Rose I found the same software at this link here. I believe that here the activation key is not necessary.
Thank you.

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