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How can I modify the following code to send data row by row instead of column by column using UDP?

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I have data with five columns. Currently, I am sending each column one at a time. For example, I send column 1 first, followed by column 2, and so on. However, I want to modify the code to send each row at a time instead of each column.
client_port = 10011;
client_address = '';
to = [data(:,1).' ;data(:,2).' ;data(:,3).' ;data(:,4).';data(:,5).'];
u1 = udpport("IPV4","OutputDatagramSize",6610);
for j = 1:5

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Voss el 3 de Mzo. de 2024
Editada: Voss el 3 de Mzo. de 2024
"I have data with five columns"
I assume that's the variable data in your code.
You can write data by row the exact way you are currently writing to by row:
for j = 1:length(toa_arr)
Or by reshaping data (or the part of data you want to write - the relation between length(toa_arr) and the size of data is not clear) to be a vector of elements in the correct order:
By the way, I notice that the variable pdw in the mat file you uploaded is of size 6610-by-5. I guess this is your data with five columns. Note that "OutputDatagramSize" is in bytes, and a double is 8 bytes, so you may have wanted to specify OutputDatagramSize as 6610*8 instead of 6610.
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Voss el 4 de Mzo. de 2024
To wait for 1 second, you can use
t = tic;
while toc(t) < 1
% do nothing, just wait
Med Future
Med Future el 4 de Mzo. de 2024
@Voss But When i am reading the data data = read(u2,6610,"double"); in this command i need to write the value like 6610. How can i modified this? Can you please check the this question i have posted recently.

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