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error using mex function.

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Eva el 18 de Mzo. de 2024
Respondida: Fangjun Jiang el 18 de Mzo. de 2024
I'm using MATLAB 2023b on a Windows 11 system and I'm attempting to configure the MinGW-w64 compiler for use with MATLAB. Here are the steps I've taken:
  1. I downloaded and installed MinGW-w64 using the msys64 package manager.
  2. I verified that the MinGW-w64 bin directory (e.g., C:\msys64\mingw64\bin) is correctly added to both the user and system PATH environment variables.
  3. In MATLAB, I ran the command mex -setup C++ to configure MATLAB's compiler settings.
  4. However, I keep encountering the error message "supported compiler not detected" despite confirming that the compiler is installed on my computer.
I've checked the environmental variables and verified that the compiler is accessible from the command window, but MATLAB still doesn't detect it. Are there any additional steps I should take to resolve this issue?
Many thanks

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 18 de Mzo. de 2024




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