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Unable to complete PX4 support packages setup due to unresponsive firmware upload menu in Linux Ubuntu 22.04?

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During Hardware setup for PX4 support packages, there is a compulsion intrduced to upload the firmware, but it became unresponsive and didn't stop or close unless I kill that terminal process manually. When I searched for the solution the help page only covers for Windows users, since I am on Ubutntu 22.04, I can't apply the solution, Kindly help me as soon as possible.

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Arun Mathamkode
Arun Mathamkode el 2 de Mayo de 2024
Which hardware you are using? What happens when you remove and reconnect the hardware when the hardware setupscreen becomes unresponsive? Ensure that when you are removing and reconnecting the hardware over USB its getting reflected properly in the Ubuntu machine first. My guess is that the process to upload is waiting for the hardware to appear and that is not happening as expected.
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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose el 10 de Jun. de 2024 a las 12:34
You can find the serial port by typing
ls /dev/tty*
on the console. Follow below steps
  1. Keep terminal ready.
  2. Connect your board. Immiditely switch to terminal and run ls /dev/tty*
  3. After a few mins, run the above command again on terminal.
Compare the two outputs. You should one serial port absent in second run. That is your bootloader port
Karukkuvel Raj
Karukkuvel Raj hace alrededor de 19 horas
Thank you for your reply, but I got fried that board already when tweaking with bootloader. Now I got a cubeorange which works with matlab flawlessly

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