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scope displays incorrect waveforms

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思雨 el 9 de Mayo de 2024
Comentada: 思雨 el 10 de Mayo de 2024
Using the Repeating Sequence Stair module, when monitoring the waveforms, we found that the output waveforms were not strictly step signals, but had a slight slope as they changed.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 9 de Mayo de 2024
It is a discrete/digital simulation. There is always a time interval (however small) between two values. Turning on Marker at the Scope block (View, Style, Marker) will show the data points. Reducing the simulaiton step size will make the slope steeper.
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思雨 el 10 de Mayo de 2024
Thank you very much, your method worked and helped me solve my problem, thanks!

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