Missing One entry in Legend while using Plotyy function

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Hi everyone, I am plotting multiple graph using plotyy function. All the graphs are plotted but the legend section is not displaying the way i want to display it. Also there is one entry missing as well. I am doing it in this way. Any help guys?
set(get(AX1(1),'Ylabel'),'String','Blocking Probability Pb');
set(get(AX1(2),'Ylabel'),'String','System Throughput (Mbps)');
title('Blocking Probability & System Throughput vs Offered Traffic');
xlabel('Offered Traffic (Mbps)');
legend('System Blocking Probability','Erlang-B Model','System Throughput','Arbitary line','Location','NorthWest');

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Apr 2015
I can’t get legend to work correctly with your plot either. It might be worthwhile to experiment with an annotation object to create something similar. Everything I tried — hold, tweaking the legend properties, tweaking the plots — failed.
I would Contact Support at MathWorks to see if they have a solution. Include the URL to your post here in the message.

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