Locate an installed software in Windows using MATLAB

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Is it possible to find the location of an installed software in Windows using MATLAB? I need my MATLAB code to find the location of an installed application (exe file) and then run it. I found this string in stackoverflow website:
notepadEdit = winqueryreg('HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT','Applications\notepad.exe\shell\edit\command')
but it doesn't work for an app that is installed in program files.
Thank you in advance for any hint.
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Jan on 25 Apr 2015
What do you know about the program you are looking for? Please provide this important detail, because we cannot guess it.

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Jan on 25 Apr 2015
If you know the name of the executable and that it is installed in e.g. the "Program Files (x86)" folder:
[Result, WordPath] = system('WHERE /F /R "c:\Program Files (x86)" winword.exe')
Mehdi on 29 Apr 2015
Thank you for your explanations.
Yes I did run the WHERE command and it gave me the location. Thank you. It was slow though.
Here is the issue. Users of my app could install it anywhere in their computer, not necessarily in program files. I need to know where it's installed because there is a file that will be located next to the app in the installation folder and has to be run (or called) programmatically. So my app could have any name and it could be installed anywhere. Does that make sense?

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