JAVA or C++? Which one works better with MATLAB?

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Which one is more interactive with MATLAB? JAVA or C++?

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Guillaume on 29 Apr 2015
Matlab's desktop environment is built on top of java and you can call java functions easily from matlab.
Saying that, you can also interact very easily with .Net
Matlab can't talk to C++ directly, but it can talk to dlls as long as they use the C calling convention.
Guillaume on 29 Apr 2015
arg1, ..., argn are the arguments for the function you want to call. Only the dll documentation can tell you what they are.
The hfile is ideally the header file (.h) that has been used to build the library. That should come from the author of the dll. If you don't have it, you may be able to create a proto file instead from the documentation. Its purpose is to tell matlab what the types of the arguments are, so it can convert matlab variables into their C equivalent.

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