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2D wavelet transform and multifractals

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Whatzat el 6 de Mayo de 2015
Respondida: Nadya el 8 de Abr. de 2017
Hi everybody,
I'm working on a Matlab project which uses 2D wavelet transform. I am working on a Wavelet Transformation Modulus Maxima method (WTMM). I work with the Matlab wavelet toolbox. I have some questions about wavelets and WTMM method : - I use the 2D discrete wavelet transformation (dwt2 and wavedec2 too) but I don't really understand the role of the dwt2 outputs Approximation/Vertical/Horizontal/Diagonal. I saw they were the result of low pass and high pass filters ( ), but which output should I use to find local maximas on the image ?
[A,H,V,D] = dwt2(X,'wname')
I also use multifractal formalism in my project. In order to plot the scale function, I have to plot firstly the partition function (according to this article , in the "WTMM method" part). However I don't know how to plot correctly this; here my code :
[A,H,D,V] = dwt2(im,'haar');
im_max = imregionalmax(abs(A)); % Modulus Maxima of the wavelet
Transform, using the Approximation
figure, imshow(im_max);
%%Partition Function Z
Z = 0; % Initialization of the partition function
for q = -5:5
Z = Z + abs(im_max).^q ;% Definition of the partition function.
%Certainly wrong, I think q can't be the variable for the loop and
% im_max is not the correct input in abs.
a = 2; % scale factor. It is supposed to vary, I put it to 2 just for
% tests
tau = log(Z)/log(a); % scaling function, in function of q according to
% the article
Thanks in advance for your help, I am available for any questions or clarification

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Nadya el 8 de Abr. de 2017
Hello, Please, have you solved your problem ? I'm also working on this method, I did not implement it in this way, I used the continuous wavelet transform, but I had difficulties in calculating the multifractal spectrum starting from the partition function. Thanks


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