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How can I plot multiple columns from multiple files using plot?

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I have four .dat files each containing three columns. The first column is supposed to be my data for X-axis whereas the second and third columns shall be the Y axis values. In each file the total number of X-axis values are different (but range is similar). However, I want to plot all the Y-axes values from all files against the X-axis in a single graph. Can you please provide a way to do so? Thanks

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Thorsten on 21 May 2015
Edited: Thorsten on 21 May 2015
That's straightforward, given that D1 is your N*3 file
plot(D1(:,1), D1(:,2:3)')
hold on
Load another data D2
plot(D2(:,1), D2(:,2:3)')
and so on.
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Suchetana Gupta
Suchetana Gupta on 22 May 2015
Thanks. It did occur. But for two data sets I got the same colour plot (for two sets of values. I can differentiate on inspection). Is it possible to change colour? Also, is it possible to add colour label? Thanks

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