Deployed audioplayer object(function) does not work on the target machine due to failure in loading intervaltimer.dll

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I have created a standalone application from my GUI that uses audioplayer object and has some abilities such as stop, resume and pause of audio files and also shows a pointer on the plot which part of the data is being played that is why I used audioplayer object. The GUI works fine on my own PC where I created the standalone and the intervaltimer.dll is loaded in asyncio.Channel object, however, when I install the standalone on the target machines which use the matlab MCR, I get the error message ' Failure to load the converter plug-in'. The MCR version installed on the target machines is v85 and I also checked and made sure that the called dll files exist in the corresponding path in the MCR. Interestingly, all the other dll files required for my standalone are correctly being executed even the ones to initiate the audioplayer but as soon as that play(audioplayer) is called this error occurs.
It seems to be a path issue in IntervalTimer.m class.
Has anyone ever used successfully audioplayer in a standalone? I appreciate any help and suggestion.

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Andrew Schenk
Andrew Schenk on 15 Jun 2015
I believe this issue is the same as described in this bug report:
The workaround and patch provided in the bug report should resolve this error.
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Hooman Sedghamiz
Hooman Sedghamiz on 15 Jun 2015
Hi Andrew,
Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I also guessed that there is a path issue here cause looking at Internal.IntervalTimer one can clearly see that they set a path that is obviously working on a machine that has matlab installed but the path would not work in a machine just having MCR cause the dll files called are not in that path. I just did not know where to place them that with your help it is now clear!
Many thanks!
By the way, this bug can be easily solved just by correcting the mentioned path in line 49 of internal.IntervalTimer.m

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