Overlapping graphs

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Aparna Rajasekaran
Aparna Rajasekaran on 28 Nov 2011
I have 3 graphs to be overlapped but the axis of each is different how do i do this?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Nov 2011

Hin Kwan Wong
Hin Kwan Wong on 28 Nov 2011
You can either normalize all the axes so that they fit within the same scale on a common axis and plot the data in different colors. This is far easier. You just give the legend of the data different scale, and that's just as presentable as having 3 set of tickmarks
Or you can use ha=axes('Position',[x y width height]) commands manually to set 2 axes to coinside in position as the primary axis, and plot data using plot(ha,datax,datay) on all 3 of them. You need to set the axis backgrounds to transparent on the 2 latter axes, as well as remove tick marks if desired. This is not as nice as resizing figure window may cause problems.


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