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How to plot with repeating values in the abscissa vector?

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George on 13 Jul 2015
Commented: George on 13 Jul 2015
I took a bunch of readings over the course of three days and used the "now" function to timestamp each reading. Plotting that isn't good to look at, because the x values are all 7.36e+05.
I was thinking I'd change that to hours. I wanted to have the following x vector:
x = repmat(0:23,[1 numDays])
How do I make a scatter plot of my data and have that as my abscissa, without Matlab just plotting multiple points at each hour?


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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 13 Jul 2015

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George on 13 Jul 2015
It worked on the sin wave example. It did not transfer to my data for some reason. I'll fiddle around with it and get it to work. Thanks for the helpful tip!

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