How to rotate an 3D-image / 3D-Matrix

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Flohrian -
Flohrian - on 14 Jul 2015
Answered: Alex Taylor on 15 Jul 2015
my problem is this:
I have an 3D-Image (an 200x200x50 matrix)
this matrix has to be rotatet around the x-axis by an ~175° angle. The exact angle I will have to decide later on. The only code I found was "Imrotate", but that only works for 2D-Images.
Thank you very much Florian

Answers (2)

Matt J
Matt J on 14 Jul 2015
Edited: Matt J on 14 Jul 2015
IMROTATE will work on 3D images. It will operate on every 2D slice A(:,:,i), rotating it about the z-axis. You can use permute() to align the x-axis with the z-axis and ipermute() to revert back again.

Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor on 15 Jul 2015
Look at the second example of the documentation for IMWARP:
You can phrase a rotation using a 3-d affine transformation, and apply this transformation with imwarp.

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