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How can file version and product version be defined, when compiling a matlab code to a dll with dotnetbuilder?

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The project in deploytool does not take parameters for the produced dll-properties file version, product version. Generated dlls always have a file version of
Any options available to provide version information to the dotnetbuilder output?

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awa el 28 de Nov. de 2018
Editada: awa el 28 de Nov. de 2018
The way we build dotnet dlls with version info nowadays, is to not use the project files but the mcc compiler on the command line / script and include an Assemblyinfo.cs -file as C# -code created by the build script including the version information. The full filename of AssemblyInfo.cs is added to the mcc command line.
This is also working if you add an appropriate AssemblyInfo.cs as an additional parameter passed to MCC. Just tried on an older project.
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Jose Maria Lorenzo
Jose Maria Lorenzo el 10 de Feb. de 2023
Facing the same issue, any update on this?? Properly working for standard dll but for .NET native file it does not work ( working on 2016B ).
Sophia el 19 de Mzo. de 2024
The following article provides details on the workflow to add the version information:
The workflow described for MATLAB R2019b and up should work for R2016b as well. Please note that the second command described in step 3 is responsible for adding the version information to the .NET native file.

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Richa Gupta
Richa Gupta el 20 de Jul. de 2015
Hi Awa,
It is possible to provide version of the .NET DLL generated using MATLAB Compiler. You can do this using the "Library version" field in deploytool. For more information, you can refer to the following link:
As you can see, you can view and change the version number under the Application Information section.
Also, what do you mean by specifying the product version for a DLL?
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Morris Maynard
Morris Maynard el 11 de Mayo de 2018
Editada: Morris Maynard el 11 de Mayo de 2018
The answer does not work. If I "view and change version number under the Application Information section" (by the way, the linked page does not mention this or show it as a possibility) it does not change the version number of the .Net dll. The .Net assembly version is very important and is always in the format w.x.y.z, where wxy and z are numbers. Whatever the version number specified in the Settings menu it, it won't allow input in this format.
Girija Jarvis
Girija Jarvis el 27 de Nov. de 2018
If you have by now learnt how to version the .net assembly version please can you share the details with me, i am unable to version the .net dll either

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Ralph Coleman
Ralph Coleman el 31 de En. de 2020
Editada: Ralph Coleman el 31 de En. de 2020
From MATLAB R2019b, the solution using an "AssemblyInfo.cs" file containing the AssemblyVersion attribute causes a compilation error.
Instead, now enter directly the library version in the suitable field of the Library Compiler tool as shown below.
Note that 4 digit versions are now accepted (whereas only two digits were accepted in previous versions).
However, the other attributes in "AssemblyInfo.cs" can still be used as in the example code below:
using System.Reflection;
[assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright © 2020")]
[assembly: AssemblyProduct("DemoToolCore")]
[assembly: AssemblyInformationalVersion("2.5alpha")]
Note the absence of AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes - the latter does not cause a compilation error but overwrites the library version given in the field above, so it is to be avoided.
The result obtained is the following:

Sophia el 19 de Mzo. de 2024
The following article discusses how to specify the version number for .NET .DLLs. Please see this link for more information:


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