Need help looping through each element in cell array and editing the elements?

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cocopuffs on 10 Aug 2015
Commented: cocopuffs on 10 Aug 2015
I currently have a 10000 x 1 cell array, with each element corresponding to text that look like this: '5/13/2014 16:14,911,724 Biomarkers_neuron_ca_T05-13-14.csv'. I want to loop through each of these elements and delete all text before Biomarkers as well as the '.csv' to be left with elements: 'Biomarkers_neuron_ca_T05-13-14' and so on.
Appreciate the help!

Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 10 Aug 2015
str='5/13/2014 16:14,911,724 Biomarkers_neuron_ca_T05-13-14.csv'
cocopuffs on 10 Aug 2015
I actually incorporated an if-statement to fix my issue, but your code is certainly more efficient. Thank you for your help!

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