Error occurred while executing External Mode MEX-file 'ext_comm': ExtTargetPktPending() call failed while checking for target pkt

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For a hardware in the loop test I have my simulation running in external mode on a raspberry pi. The raspberry gets information via the udp receive block from a WAGO PLC unit. I've tested the udp signals in a seperate simulink file and it worked properly. Same thing for the simulation: There is no problem in external mode when I simulate the udp signals with a constant value and a slider gain block. When I combine both files and want to give the udp receive values to the simulation my simulink is not starting and i get the error message above.
I have two udp receive blocks, one is receiving a uint16 and the other one a bool value. When i insert only the uint16 value the simulation is running very slow so i think it is a problem to use the sampled bool value. Could it be a problem that the performance of the raspberry pi is to low or that there is not enough RAM? I wanted to try it with a sample and hold block to generate a signal which is more continuous but i couldn't get the block run fine. Would that be a solution?
I use the ode1 due to the fact that this is the only solver which runs with a good performance with my udp receive uint16 value. Would it be better to use the discrete solver for that type of application? I haven't tried that so far because I have a lot of continuous functions in my simulation which i would have to transfer to discrete ones.
Rashmika Vindana
Rashmika Vindana on 8 Feb 2021
If anyone can slove this problem,please let me know.It is help me for my undergraduate project.

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serhat çetin
serhat çetin on 20 Apr 2019
Edited: serhat çetin on 22 Apr 2019
1- Check the baundrate(from device manager)
on the command window;
untitled is sample simulink folder name, write the what your folder name.
9600 is the sample baundrate, write your baundrate.
check the baundrate:
then connect external mode...
Best regards
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Riccardo on 28 Oct 2022
well, if I write codertarget on matlab, it tellsme unrecognized function and so on.... it doesn't work for me

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Pavel Roslovets
Pavel Roslovets on 13 Jan 2016

Noor Zeid
Noor Zeid on 5 Mar 2017
Hi I have the same problem, if you found a solution please email me thanks

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