Please help to rectify an error......(Error in while loop)

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b=5; x1=0; x2=0.5; x3=1; dx=0.5; % Initial values
syms x
f=inline('(x^2)+(54/x)'); % Function
while x3<=b %Conditions
if f(x1)>=f(x2) && f(x2)<=f(x3) %Conditions
disp('minima lies between x1 and x3')
x1=x2; x2=x3; x3=x2+dx; % Modified values of x1 x2 & x3 if above condition is not satisfied.
% from these values it should goto start point until conditions are satisfied

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Aug 2015
You have not defined dx.
You are not using "x" so "syms x" is not needed.
Maruti Patil
Maruti Patil on 30 Aug 2015
Thank you Walter Roberson break is working...

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