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I have a student licence! Can I use MATLAB online?

Asked by Jose Escobar on 2 Oct 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 3 Oct 2015
I want to use MATLAB online but Im not quite sure if I can do it if I hav just a student licence!


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1 Answer

Answer by Jerry McElhinney on 3 Oct 2015

I you have MATLAB Student or MATLAB and Simulink® Student Suite R2014a or later you can run MATLAB Online.
You can run MATLAB Online at:

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If I recall correctly, your SMS (Software Maintenance Service) needs to be current to use MATLAB Mobile. Student Version license come with one year of SMS (but more can be purchased), so if you purchased a Student Version within the last year you should have access but more than a year ago you might not have access unless you paid extra.

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