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I have to run a simulink model from a script in Matlab. I'm using the sim command to run the model but I not find the right command to set the initial state. I am able to do it from the model (Simulation --> configuration parameters --> initial state) but I have some problem to do it from a script. Could anyone suggest me a solution?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 5 Oct 2015
For all configuration parameters in a model, you can right-click them and select "What's This?" This will bring up a small window which contains a table showing you the command-line way to use that particular parameter.
Following the above workflow, the parameters you care about are LoadInitialState and InitialState
You can do this either by using set_param before running the model or in the sim command itself.
>> set_param(bdroot,'LoadInitialState','on','InitialState','variableName');
>> simout = sim(bdroot,'StopTime','10');
>> simout = sim(bdroot,'StopTime','10','LoadInitialState','on','InitialState','variableName');
- Sebastian
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Alessandra Cuneo
Alessandra Cuneo on 5 Oct 2015
Thank you so much...I implemented in the code and it works!

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