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Invalid setting in file for parameter 'Numerator"

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ali alsabari
ali alsabari on 16 Oct 2015
Commented: ali alsabari on 16 Oct 2015
Hi everyone i have multivariate process of two input and two output so by minimizing interactions using the decouples and i got error which i have tried all my ways with no point as i have no experience in matlab .my question how to make the output of block transfer function equal and give no such error the details of the blocks as in file attached the D11 and D22 is with 10 coefficient in the num and the den as the transfer functions for D11 and D22 order 9 but the G11 ,12 ,21 ,22 are of the third order so in 4 coefficient in num and in den please help me out how to handle this error .thanks in advance

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