can simulink use OCR to detect a 'Letter T' from a live video stream obtained from a camera on a UAV using PixHawk ? Or OPENCV is more preferred ?

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Hi, as part of my final year project I am assigned to design an Autonomous Vehicle that has to fly at specific way points and drop payload on a red box with a letter T inside it (for more info see Page 27 of
My team has decided on a hexcoptor using PixHawk as avionics. I already have downloaded the PixHawk support for SIMULINK. But I am confused as for the image recognition bit. I know that SIMULINK has live video streaming in computer vision toolbox but can I use OCR on this letter T or Do I have to use OPENCV instead.

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 21 Oct 2015
Doing OCR for this seems like an overkill. Try detecting the marker using combination of color and local features, like SURF or MSER. See the Color Threshold App for color-based segmentation, and the Object Detection in a Cluttered Scene Using Point Feature Matching example for local feature matching.
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Mahed Javed
Mahed Javed on 22 Oct 2015
Hi Dima,
Thanks for the answer. I've had a look at SURF options. I know it detects the specials features from the object to be located. So this would mean i would have to make a replica of the marker beforehand. That's alright but I just have got two questions :-
a) How can I detect from MATLAB the marker after I run my SURF code, I mean my input is in the form of a video cam which is onboard the drone. The example shows how you can do from an image. How can I achieve the same from a live video feed ?
b) Also I am still quite unsure how to put in ColorThresholdApp in it ? Meaning I dont know how can i use it here ? Or is it even going to help in the programming part ?

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