Is there an error in the dysplayErrors function for stereo calibration?

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I was working on stereo calibration and used the estimateCameraParameters function. I need to know the errors for the RotationOfCamera2 and TranslationOfCamera2. I used the displayErrors function. The translation is a vector but rotation is a matrix. However, the information shown with displayErrors shows the rotation as a vector. I thought it was using rodrigues formula internally. However, I checked the code and in in stereoCalibrationErrors.m in the function displayInterCameraGeometry, it indexes the RotationOfCamera2 as if it were a vector, actually using only the values of the first column of that matrix. Accordingly, the error shown, I assume it is only computed for this elements of the matrix, and not for the whole matrix. Is there something I don't see? Is there maybe a new version of the toolbox?

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin el 22 de Oct. de 2015
Editada: Dima Lisin el 22 de Oct. de 2015
That's a bug. The errors are actually correct. They are computed internally from the elements of the rotation vector, not the matrix. However, the displayed rotation is wrong. It should be the rotation vector obtained from the roatation matrix via the Rodrigues formula, not the first column of the rotation matrix.
What version of MATLAB are you running?

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