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How to filter certain points out of a 3D point cloud?

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lucca k
lucca k el 26 de Oct. de 2015
Comentada: lucca k el 3 de Nov. de 2015
Hello everybody,
I got a 3D point cloud which is already in the world coordinate system. I got the data from a Kinect sensor. As I want to build an occupancy grid out of the data, I need to filter out all points with Z=0. I need to do this because Z is the vertical and if Z = 0, there is no obstacle on the way. To get the point cloud I used
xyzPoints = depthToPointCloud(depthImage,depthDevice);
So in the end I want to have just the points left I can plot into the 2D grid.
Thank you very much for any help!

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson el 26 de Oct. de 2015
Assuming that xyzPoints are an [nPoints x 3] array you might do this:
xyzPoints(xyzPoints(:,3)==0,:) = [];
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lucca k
lucca k el 26 de Oct. de 2015
the 3-D point cloud is returned as an M-by-N-by-3 matrix
lucca k
lucca k el 3 de Nov. de 2015
and what if I want to delete the whole row then? not just the Z value. also the according x and y values.

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