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Finding coordinates of same point in two different images

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Navya Snigdha Thumma
Navya Snigdha Thumma el 28 de Oct. de 2015
Respondida: Dima Lisin el 29 de Oct. de 2015
Hello, I am working on Affine transformations. I have two images of same scene, one is original image and other is moved image of same scene. I need to select 3 points manually with the mouse and find the coordinates of the points(row,col). Now I have to find the coordinates(row,col) of the same point in the moved image. I tried to match the intensities of selected points from original and moved image but there are many points with same intensities. Please help. Thank you.

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin el 29 de Oct. de 2015
Hi Navya,
Please take a look at this example.


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