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Getting an error each time opening a MFile for editing?

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I have this machine with MATLAB R2015b on it? it seems it has some problem, running MATLAB. Any time I try to open a M-File it generates the following error:
Can't reload 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2015b\bin\win64\mm_rmidd_mi.dll'
Error in rmidata.RmiData
Error in rmiml.RmiMlData
Error in rmiml.RmiMlData.getInstance
Error in rmiml.getAll
It doesn't matter whether I click on the file to be opened in the editor or I used the editor command. Both give me the same results.
The editor do seem to open properly though.
The same error appears when I close the editor.
And before you ask: Yes, I checked and that file is present in that location and I do have read/write permission to it.
Any help is highly appreciated.

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BobH on 5 Sep 2018
My problem (on R2018a) was due to a shadowed pathdef.m
>> which -all pathdef.m
What fixed things for me was removing the duplicate, and then issuing 'restoredefaultpath'

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