Second Order Equations Simulink/Linearization

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Robert on 3 Jan 2012
Commented: mira ismail on 17 Feb 2015
Hello, I have a question in regards to simulink. I am currently working on an LQR controller for a quadrotor. However before I can get into the control aspect of it I would like to be able to input my model into simulink via 3 second order differential equations. Is this possible? I have initial conditions. The differential equations model a quadrotor and initial condition are all zero. aka hovering.
equations can be found on page 2 on the left hand side if interested:
Another question: Can Matlab linearize my system of 3 nonlinear equations around some trim condition such as hovering?
Thank you

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mira ismail
mira ismail on 12 Feb 2015
Hi, may I know did you already success in the linearization part? I got some problem, I used the nonlinear model of Quad rotor, but since I want to used LQR as the controller, I need the linearization part. But what should I do to get the linearization equation? Tq :)

Robert on 16 Feb 2015
I did succeed with this project quite some time ago and do have some things that would definitely help you. Please check your inbox for additional info
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mira ismail
mira ismail on 17 Feb 2015
Thanks for your response. I already sending my question through your email addressed. :)

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