Want to add second to a time stamp

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Md on 10 Nov 2015
Commented: dpb on 10 Nov 2015
Hi I want to add a time value in second to a time stamp. for example: 10:12:49+ 526 second what will be the output in hr:mm:ss
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

dpb on 10 Nov 2015
"Classic" date numbers...
>> datestr(addtodate(datenum('10:12:49','HH:MM:SS'),526,'second'),'HH:MM:SS')
ans =
There's a new date/time class w/ built in methods if have later version to do same thing.
dpb on 10 Nov 2015
All the above functions are fully vectorized per Matlab general rules; simply replace the constants above with the appropriate variable(s).
After that, writing the output to a file is covered in the "Getting Started" documentation under "Data Import and Export" under the Section "Data and File Management"

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