how to verify / correct Not enough input arguments with undistortImage MATLAB2015b

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Okay so I calibrate my camera with MATLAB 2015b camera calib... export camera parameters... then go to correct all the actual images using those parameters in "Image batch processor" first error I get is....
Not enough input arguments. Error in undistortImage_zm (line 85) if ~isa(cameraParams, 'cameraParameters')
same code runs fine when using the command window but not in the app.???
Any help would be moui moui appreciated.

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 12 Nov 2015
Hi Zachary,
It would help if you can post the code for the function that you give to the Image Batch Processor, and a mat file containing your cameraParameters object.
Based on what you have written, I am guessing the problem is that the function you give to the Batch Processor takes only one argument: the image, while the undistortImage function takes two arguments: the image and the cameraParameters object.


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