Add a slider to quiver vector plot using Callback

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Karthik Brs
Karthik Brs el 17 de Nov. de 2015
Respondida: Satyajeet Sasmal el 19 de Nov. de 2015
Hello Everyone! I am required to add a vector 'rpm' as a slider in the quiver plot. I am plotting the vector fields of reaction forces(x and y components). I want the vector fields to change as I change the Slider('rpm'). I am including my code with this query. My code plots the vector fields of 3 vectors at the point (0,0) and displays the slider with the maximum and minimum values of 'rpm' vector. But, I am failing to connect the 'rpm' vector to the slider and consequently to the vector field(quiver command). I read online that the 'Callback' could help me, but I don't know how to integrate it into my code!
Thank you in advance!
rpm = [1000 900 800];
range = 0:0.1:2*pi;
minrpm = min(rpm);
maxrpm = max(rpm);
y = [0 -0.9 0];
Fy =[1 .5 1];
yy = [92 10 150];
alpha_y = degtorad(yy);
x = [0 0.4 0];
Fx = [.8 .7 1.1];
xx = [90 15 80];
alpha_x = degtorad(xx);
hFig = figure; % to define Figure Properties
set(hFig, 'Position', [0 0 1000 1000]);
for e = 1:length(range);
q = quiver(x, y, Fx.*cos(alpha_x+range(e)), Fy.*cos(alpha_y+range(e)),1,'LineWidth',2);
F_total(e)= sqrt((Fx(1).*cos(alpha_x(1)+range(e)))^2+(Fy(1).*cos(alpha_y(1)+range(e)))^2);
axis([-1.1 1.1 -1.1 1.1]);
M(e) = getframe;
sld = uicontrol(hFig,'Style','slider','Min',min(rpm),'Max',max(rpm),'Value',900,'Position', [81,54,419,23]);
bl1 = uicontrol('Parent',hFig,'Style','text','Position',[50,54,23,23],'String',minrpm);
bl2 = uicontrol('Parent',hFig,'Style','text','Position',[500,54,23,23],'String',maxrpm);
bl3 = uicontrol('Parent',hFig,'Style','text','Position',[240,25,100,23],'String','RPM');% Center and Size of Window

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Satyajeet Sasmal
Satyajeet Sasmal el 19 de Nov. de 2015
In your code, change the sld = uicontrol(hfig,....) to
sld =
uicontrol(hFig,'Style','slider','Min',min(rpm),'Max',max(rpm),'Value',900,'Position', [81,54,419,23], 'CallBack',{@sliderFcn});
Now, create a function "sliderFcn" as below:
function sliderFcn(hobj,~)
val = hobj.Value;
where, "val" contains the slider value. You can use this to make required changes to your code. Hope this was helpful.

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