How to do parallel bicg(or bicgstab) on distributed arrays?

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Jinhong Jung
Jinhong Jung el 10 de Dic. de 2015
Comentada: Jinhong Jung el 16 de Dic. de 2015
Hi, I am trying to solve a linear system using iterative methods such as bicg or bicgstab.
The target matrix to be solved is quite large, e.g., the number of non-zeros would be larger than 1 billion. Hence, It would be good if I can put the target matrix into a distributed array, and solve the distributed array in parallel.
Is it possible to solve the linear system on distributed arrays using bicg supported by MATLAB? Or, do I need to use other third part libraries such as PETSC?

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Satyajeet Sasmal
Satyajeet Sasmal el 15 de Dic. de 2015
Hi Jinhong,
To see an example of using bicg with distributed arrays please open your version of MATLAB and type
>> doc distributed/bicg
in the MATLAB Command Window.
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Jinhong Jung
Jinhong Jung el 16 de Dic. de 2015
Thanks for answering my question, but there is no result for "doc distributed/bicg". My MATLAB version is R2015b.

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